CeraPlusTM Barrier Extenders

CeraPlus Barrier Extenders

CeraPlusTM Barrier Extenders are infused with ceramide to protect the skin and provide an added sense of security by framing the skin barrier with a thin, flexible, hydrocolloid adhesive. Use three individual pieces to surround your ostomy barrier, or use the strips in areas which
you feel necessary to create a personalized fit.

CeraPlusTM Barrier Extenders help prevent leakage by holding the skin barrier in place and reducing barrier edge lifting. They conform easily to the natural folds and movement of the body, helping to increase barrier wear time and deliver an extra boost of confidence throughout the day.

CeraPlusTM Ostomy Products* are infused with ceramide, a natural element found in skin. The ceramide-infused formula helps form a protective, waterproof barrier that helps keep skin healthy from Day 1.



  • Infused with ceramide
  • Thin, flexible, hydrocolloid adhesive
  • Three-piece configuration
  • Wide design for easier handling and application
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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