Misconceptions About Skin Complications

Some of the aspects commonly understood about ostomy care are really misconceptions. Let's clear up a few of them.

Misconception # 1 - Peristomal skin complications are expected

Reality: While it's true that skin complications around the stoma occur for many people, they shouldn't happen. If they are happening, it could be due to an improperly fitting skin barrier or the skin barrier being changed too frequently.

Misconception # 2 - Itchy skin always looks red or inflamed

Reality: Many people living with a stoma experience itching while the skin around their stoma looks healthy. Many stoma care nurses have also seen this in their patients. See what they said in the Peristomal Itching Survey.

Misconception # 3 - It's all about skin barrier fit

Reality: The fit and formulation of the skin barrier go hand in hand. Your pouching system will not maintain a good seal without proper fit. Without the correct formulation, the skin around your stoma can be at risk for complications. See how fit and formulation work together.

Misconception # 4 - All skin barriers are the same

Reality: A recent study, called ADVOCATE, explored how the ceramide-infused CeraPlus™ skin barrier with Remois Technology* compared to a skin barrier without ceramide. People using the CeraPlus skin barrier had more positive results in key areas. Learn more about the findings of the ADVOCATE study.

Misconception # 5 - All skin barriers are equally harmful to the skin

Reality: In a recent study that compared a CeraPlus skin barrier to skin barriers from other companies, the CeraPlus™ skin barrier was better at maintaining healthy skin. Learn more about the findings of this study.

How quality of skin affects quality of life

Red, irritated, or itchy skin around the stoma makes it difficult to keep a pouching system in place. That can mean higher product usage and higher costs. It can also mean less time spent just living life to the fullest. Learn more about quality of life concerns regarding skin around the stoma.

What percentage of people experience itchy skin around their stoma?

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