CeraPlus™ Product* Protect Where it Matters Most

The CeraPlus™ Line of Ostomy Products gives your skin the advanced protection it deserves. See what works for you.

Protecting Skin From Day 1

CeraPlus™ Products feature a skin barrier formulation infused with ceramide, a natural element found in skin to keep it healthy. Plus, you get a secure and comfortable fit that protects from leakage for all stoma types. Your barrier stays in place and helps your skin stay healthy, so you can feel free to live your life.

Soft Convexity to Fit All Shapes and Sizes

Stomas come in different shapes and sizes, so CeraPlus™ Products include a skin barrier option with soft convexity design for a flexible fit. This barrier moves with you, providing gentle contact around the stoma for security, even around skin creases and uneven surfaces. CeraPlus™ Soft Convexity Products are infused with ceramide for healthy skin around the stoma, so you get the confidence of a secure fit with natural, soothing comfort—just like all of the CeraPlus™ Ostomy Products.

Whatever the shape or size of your stoma, the advanced line of CeraPlus™ Ostomy Products have a way to protect skin where it matters most. Explore the entire line of CeraPlus™ Ostomy Products.

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