Practices and Products That Can Help Promote Skin Health

No one should have to live with red, itchy, and irritated skin around the stoma. That's why we've provided a combination of activities, products, and resources that can help those with an ostomy achieve or maintain healthy skin.

Helpful ostomy care routines

For pouching systems to adhere properly, the skin around the stoma must be healthy. Establishing a good clearing routine and measuring the stoma regularly are vital steps for maintaining skin health.

Ceramide-infused ostomy products

Ceramide is a natural component of skin that helps protect against dryness. It's also the key ingredient of our CeraPlus™ skin barrier, the only one of its kind. Learn more about how ceramide works to help maintain healthy skin.

Peristomal Skin Assessment Guide

Even if patients and caregivers take all the right steps, skin problems can still arise. This easy-to-use digital tool is designed to help identify common skin problems, suggest next steps, or understand when a stoma care nurse should be contacted.

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