Security and Skin Health: The Combination that Sets Hollister Apart

Protecting peristomal skin begins with a skin barrier that provides a secure, comfortable fit and a skin-friendly formulation. We focus on security and skin health when designing our skin barriers - including the ceramide-infused CeraPlus™ Portfolio. *

What Do We Mean by Security?
The size of your stoma and flatness of the skin around it will determine the type of fit you need in a skin barrier.
What Do We Mean by Skin Health?
The customized ingredients responsible for adhesion, erosion resistance, and absorption that are carefully formulated in the skin barrier to create an environment where healthy skin can thrive.
Why Is Security Important?
It's critical to get a good seal around the stoma to help protect from leakage, promote comfort, and maintain healthy skin.
Why Is Skin Health Important?
Depending on the type of stoma output, skin sensitivities, or skin condition, the right formulation can make all the difference in maintaining healthy skin.

Hollister Uses the Unique Combination of Security and Skin Health to Design Skin Barriers That Help Maintain Healthy Skin

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